from us to you –

compliments of the new year! from us, the writers, to you (whomsoever you may be)

we hope you enjoy this piece that we collabed on.

2016 they screamed
“Happy New Year”
I smiled my heart heavy.
New Year same principles and a somewhat new me.
My reflections were far from over and so I continued in deep thought whilst absentmindedly celebrating alongside everyone.
I lost a few friendships and strengthened some more. I fell in love and opened my heart to a new world of possibilities.
Like a young tree planted in a fruitful world I was not yet done growing.

A year of growth. the seeds down from years ago found a home in my soul and so behold, it was time to grow. as though the soul was made soft through endless prayers,in my times of loss God never gave up.
He continued to pave a way now i stand looking back and i wave, having learnt from my mistakes and i look ahead knowing i’m on the edge of something great.

The roots have deepened from years of experience.
They say a tree is not considered by how big it is, rather by how it’s able to endure the storm and brave the tempest.
So with me, I begin this year by planting my roots further into the ground prepared to face whatever obstacle may be thrown at me.
I entered this year with the mindset to overcome and grow.
I wish you all a magnificent year, whatever happens in 2016 remember “even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise”


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