A Letter for my Lover (ALL)

By now I’ve already told you

By now I know you hate me

Well a part of you

You may never look at me

in the same way.

To make matters worse

I tell you “I still love you”

and you breathe deeply.

I wrote this letter for you

not to you because by now

I know my words are like

sharp knives in your side.

Just the other day I was

by your side listening to

your every word

admiring your beauty

months later I still can’t

take it all in.

I still get shy around you,

your perfection both scares

me and makes me want you more.

The passion in your face

as you tell me about your favourite things and the way

you selflessly accommodate me.

I have housed many things in you

including my dreams

The days I thought

you were actively ignoring me

almost broke me.

It took all my strength

to continue.

I felt like a part of me died.

I feel like I will never love

another like you.

My tears confirm this.

I am sad and tired.

Mostly tired.

Sad perhaps.

Let me down slowly.

Leave hints.

I can’t bare you telling

me that you no longer

love me in one day.

Take your time.

Take a week.

Or perhaps after I am long gone.

Your eyes have seen things,

your lips will lever talk about.

In such a short life,

you have aged.

When you smile,

my whole heart lights up.

The way you lovingly,

stroke the side of my face.

When you do finally read this.

I want you to know I’m sorry.

I have always been sorry.

I will always be,







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