Mortal love

“I loved you long before

I knew you and I will always

love you long after you’ve left.

You came into my life and taught

me valuable lessons and you

also broke me down but you

built something so beautiful

that I am still in awe. I like to

say that I see myself through

your eyes and I see beauty.

I would go to the ends of this

earth for you. I want to nurse

your wounds and heal every pain

that my mortal self possibly can.

My heart will always belong to you

for as long as you need it.

Long phone calls

resulted in me missing the sound

of your voice as soon as it ended.

I used to hate the fact that I didn’t

get to sleep beside you every day.

That comfort from your warm body

made me feel like I could take on

the world and win

(in my dreams at least).

Sleeping beauty,

like a baby

little worries and no fears.

my dear Prince Charming,

my darling Fiona.

My lover and best friend.

And if you no longer love me,

I understand.

Sometimes the best things

aren’t made to last


A letter for my lover.





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