hello guys! hope you’re all well. this piece if not clear, is one written to spite someone who has recently gained the privilege to be the first creature/ spirit i hate: Satan. like i say in the piece, he doesn’t rate me as a Christian and it took me a long time to see that as long as his spirit roams the earth, i can’t afford to play games. he wants to decieve me and stop me from reaching those he wants to burn with him, NOPE! not on my watch.


you see the thing with satan is that he doesn’t rate us. we talk about him as the enemy because he’s against us, his desires for us are laced with hate and passion for us to burn in the fire he was cast to, he wants us there too

he grasps the hearts of many with the wish to fulfil his eternal loneliness. once upon a time he sang about the Lord’s holiness
how great art thou and how glorious but instead of being filled of love he became jealous. the spirit of judas birthed and manifested with a change of heart.

the spirit of sin disguised as him is trying to control us and when we make a decision to leave it behind, he fight us. tried to scare us into submission, instil a body numbing fear that had nothing to do with our God.

i refuse to be decieved. i refused to be confused and fearful. i take a stand with the armour of God surrounding me. i take a stand with the love of Christ engulfing me. while satan tries to choke me into falling i’m following the King. breaking all bonds with the sinners life and choosing to make my way to heaven’s gate.

– @mitchieer




Birds, flowers and the sun,
these are but the few signs of summer.
The joy of staying late into the night
to catch the stars and moon glisten
casting their light unto a sleepless world.

With loved ones by your side enjoying
the cool wind blowing by,
accompanied by the peaceful slow paced
breathing that is in sync with the tide coming in and out
towards you.

These are the moments you savour for
they leave imprinted footprints in your memory
of how serene life can be.


– prodigal daughter – 

but still He loves me anyways. 

It used to be you and me. 

Against the world we fought all the enemies and as I entrusted you will all my adversities you never failed to save me. 
I gave you all I had. I surrendered my plans and all that I had mapped out in my brain, every path that I myself had planned to take I offered it to you in exchange of your peace that told me things would change but for the better. 

I don’t know what happened. I don’t know when I began to change for the worst. Shaping my prayer around my own desires not yours. Developing a mindset that was selfish and needy, complaining about the inequality of the world and at the same time being greedy for your blessings.  

Useless things I wanted to obtain from you. Unknowingly I was telling you what to do and demanding things from you forgetting that you are all powerful which means that I am not worthy to be demanding anything from you for without your grace I would be nothing. 
I realise now you are my everything. With all my heart, I come to you with all reverence and asking your forgiveness. 

You are refuge, my resolve and my fortress. You protect and you fight for me and when I feel worthless you make me feel priceless – you tell me how much you love me and as I begin to live in this, I am whole again. 
Running into you, your open arms engulf me. Your radiant love holds me close and although it was lost for a moment, it’s not long until I’m falling deeper into you and your acceptance covers me as though I never ran. 

– a lost concept – 

love v.2

slightly better and edited version of the valentines poem (do you know of a love that is pure 14/02/15)

might as well be a new poem.

What is love? 

Commonly defined as an intense feeling of deep affection towards another. Symptoms include: loosing all sense of the world surrounding you. Not knowing what to do at the thought of this other as a future lover. 

Another definition states it a deep romantic, sexual attraction. 
See, we are known to delude ourselves of the reality and to forget about the possible consequences. Everything around us tells us that saying ‘I love you’ prematurely won’t erode our emotional purity but those very words create a false sense of security, walls are broken down and due to no protection, we’re left with a regret that lasts for eternity.  
There’s also a belief that we’re immune to temptation because we’re new creations. When we plant attraction in our minds, it causes us to be distracted and then we’re investing time into this attraction without realizing the price we’re paying. 
We live with a man made ideology that justifies taking God out of the equation despite the fact He is the original creator of love. 
It’s this thinking that causes divisions. It’s creating different definitions that sugarcoat sinning into something that tells us that there’s a missing part within us and only acceptance from a man or woman will satisfy it. 
Love is patient and love is kind. It does not become blind to the harsh realities of the world. When we love, pride can worm it’s way into our system and before we know it, it’s all about us. We become oblivious. Although the love of God is so obvious, our own version of love hinders us from his mysterious wonder. 

Let’s be serious.
Without His plans love is dangerous and in the wrong hands; It becomes abused. Emotions become recycled and reused and even the word ‘love’ is misused causing us to lose ourselves due to refusing to make God our refuge. 
Without God a priority, love becomes part of many adversities. It becomes full of unclean strategies that are structured to please ‘the one’ you want to spend all of eternity with. 
It becomes covered with dishonesty, although your mouth speaks sweet nothings your heart is filling with uncertainty because when heart break comes, you’re back to square one looking out for a new candidate to fill the empty cavity. 
You begin questioning your own abilities, your joy placed in one being and their reaction to your feelings. Your world no longer found in who you are but who they see you to be. Changing all the things God loves about you to suit a preference named by your preferred mate. 

You submit to creating scenes in your head, mislead as to what you want. Your desires stem from being close to them and feeling pleasure from their essence and atmosphere. You forget the One who has always been there. Caught up in staring and sharing unspoken moments with the person who is actually making you forget who you are. 
Instead of finding your own identity, you focus on unpicking their souls inside out. Despite the fact God already has this figured, you make it a goal and spend hours trying to devour their inner hearts. 
Once you feel closer to compatibility and they fulfill your desirability by ticking every box on your check list, you start to analyse them. 

Now you want to know how the inside of their brain works, and you’ll happily exchange your own clockworks and the deepest of emotions so you can be closer. 
You start to discover things within them after its too late, you’ve already given yourself away, whether it’s physically or mentally but almost always spiritually you’ve lost all meaning. 

Now you question love. The fact that people are so heartless, the fact they paid less attention to your eyes and more to your thighs or the fact that they lied countless times this only tells us one thing: the actions of humans, whether bad or good, will not portray the complete and true beauty of love. 
This is a world where men have no shame in leading women to believe that they won’t eventually but accidentally contribute to their insecurities. 
This is a world where women themselves happily disregard their values, discarding their worth in order to be seen as valuable by a man. Manipulation causes an emotional exchange of virtues and in return, empty promises.  
This is not what love is. 
Love is not for us to go through heartbreak and then separate from God because we blame him. We scream to the skies, asking Him why he would let our insides die but we must realise that all the ache has been washed away but it will come back and remain if we make the same mistakes. 
God made a sacrifice and through that He shows us love everyday. We are worth more than what the world says. Our aim is to love each other with a love like God’s and to let it stay that way because only then will we know that when love resonates within our souls, there is no need to search elsewhere. 

– @mitchieer



this is not a coincidence that this news came out on this day. 

no matter what goes on in the world, Jesus is still our Saviour who died for us. He is still looking out for us. 

written in the spur of the moment. 

 It still breaks my heart. 

It still breaks me apart from the inside until it shows on my face. 
Tear drops will fall at this disgrace 
This fate that’s been written for us as believers. 
This great divide that’s causing people to die 
On this day that Jesus gave His life for us, many more are being slain because of their beliefs. 
Don’t worry, we know that when the day comes these men will come face to face with our king and will answer for their actions. 
Precautions will be taken when the ruler of the world reveals his ruling over these murderers. We have been given an advocate but no one will speak their case for the whole world as witnesses saw how they promoted death. 
They. Promote. Death
The opposite of peace. The production of darkness with only one mission: causing destruction. 

-He placed His crown on me- 

-i’ll let this piece speak for itself- 

Good Friday 

On Calvary, Jesus died to set us free. 
We sing praises to the Most High all the time but do we know what it actually means? 
Do we realise the price Jesus paid to remove our sins and purify our souls? 
Do we really know God’s love to be as grand as it is and are we living for God to the fullest like we say we are? 

Personally, it just came to me. 
‘Jesus died to set us free’ are no longer words, it’s not just a song but it causes an ache to resonate from within as I begin to appreciate this particular sacrifice. 

This never ending love. God showed us that love by allowing Jesus, His only son to surrender. Uttering the words ‘it is finished’ Christ took His last breath and hung from  the same tree He created.

 The same God that spoke the universe into existence became man and endured a pain that was written for us. 

His wrists became one with the wood. Precious feet that walked the earth, holy  hands that brought healing were covered in blood as they stuck to the same cross that’s still used as a fashion statement. 

Do you know that God loved you first? The pain and the suffering was so that we could exist on earth and live to lift His name.  A blameless man, the ultimate example for mankind was murdered. Our sinless saviour endured a criminals death to become the path that unites us to the Father. 

We look at Easter and we see it as a holiday. A getaway from that busy life we live but looking deeper into the roots reveals a greater reason to take time away. The cross should be weighing on our hearts so much that we can’t bear to be around others. The cross should be causing us great pain even though Jesus went through much worse. We’ll never know how much it hurt our Saviour. He took the curse of death at the same time showing us our worth. 
When we hear these words, we must be moved. Let us truly and wholeheartedly choose to accept His act of love and understand the struggle that He went through for our salvation. 

Tears must fall only due to the awe we have at this amazing love. This unstoppable and wonderful love.

 Let us register this news like we’re hearing it for the first time. Let us fall in love with Him and what He did all over again. He died so we could gain, so that we lived lives full of purpose and that we may sustain in the Father who was made attainable. 
‘Jesus died to set us free’ 
Yes He bled for you and me but tell me, are you ready to face the reality that we’re presented with? 
I too am guilty of complacency but no more. Jesus settled the score for us, the advocate for our case. Through Him and only Him we have access to eternal days 

He deserves the praise. For the price He paid, he deserves the praise. 

– @mitchieer

– unattainable unknown- 

We spend our lives wondering why things are the way they are 

We search our hearts looking for the right answer that can give a peace of mind 

Why do people die? Innocent lives are taken away everyday and all we can do to ease the pain is to celebrate their days on this earth. 

That doesn’t take away the hurt though, it doesn’t remove the fact that after birth our days are marked. 

Like a caveman marking on the cold walls the events of his existence, like the old man in jail ticking away in the calendar of his mind until his freedom arrives.

We all have plans, set times to chase dreams and achieve goals. Set timespans for particular tasks that may not come to be 

Where do we we see ourself in the future? Where do we desire to be and where will our aspirations come to life? 

Will we be a success? Will we fail at achieving? Will we be so lost in our missions that nothing else comes close to our hearts? 

Will we spend our fading time on this earth surviving without living? Without a single thought of one to love? 

We plan our lives. Map out the events. The where’s, who’s, what’s and whys but do we anticipate the day we die? 

Do we prepare our burial ceremony, do we prepare our hearts to stop beating? Our family’s tears at the ready? Mourning souls? Broken plans. Suddenly what we thought was important no longer matters 

Our mothers and fathers become mere memories, they become part of reveries as we think back to the times when the earth was alive. 

Let us not dwell too much on the future, it’s not guaranteed. Looking ahead will not free us from the troubles that hold us in the present.

Do not be a time waster, don’t ponder upon things that may never be and be a person of the now. Be a part of the current events for tomorrow is a mere vapour, it can vanish as quickly as it came.

– more of a philosophical piece by yours truly, my colleagues liked it and I hope you will too –  @mitchieer