hello guys! hope you’re all well. this piece if not clear, is one written to spite someone who has recently gained the privilege to be the first creature/ spirit i hate: Satan. like i say in the piece, he doesn’t rate me as a Christian and it took me a long time to see that as long as his spirit roams the earth, i can’t afford to play games. he wants to decieve me and stop me from reaching those he wants to burn with him, NOPE! not on my watch.


you see the thing with satan is that he doesn’t rate us. we talk about him as the enemy because he’s against us, his desires for us are laced with hate and passion for us to burn in the fire he was cast to, he wants us there too

he grasps the hearts of many with the wish to fulfil his eternal loneliness. once upon a time he sang about the Lord’s holiness
how great art thou and how glorious but instead of being filled of love he became jealous. the spirit of judas birthed and manifested with a change of heart.

the spirit of sin disguised as him is trying to control us and when we make a decision to leave it behind, he fight us. tried to scare us into submission, instil a body numbing fear that had nothing to do with our God.

i refuse to be decieved. i refused to be confused and fearful. i take a stand with the armour of God surrounding me. i take a stand with the love of Christ engulfing me. while satan tries to choke me into falling i’m following the King. breaking all bonds with the sinners life and choosing to make my way to heaven’s gate.

– @mitchieer


– no more –

this piece speaks for itself. not much to say except i hope you enjoy! 

At certain times I feel content with the way things are, I don’t complain about the scars and the passing emotions that at unwanted times collide with my broken heart.

I don’t mind the building anger that I feel because of the pleas, my heart when it begs for you.

You move so independently, freely and so immediately you’ve forgotten as if you’re already forgiven for the pain and the misery you cause. Like you don’t know how often you carry me away in thoughts of surreal reality and your knowledge of how you’re loved by an inner part of me. However you don’t realise that your absence is near enough killing me.

Bringing me to almost tears as I’m wallowing in my mind. My deepest fears I find there, it’s not clear what the cause is but the moments of regret crawl deep into the depths of my brain’s skies.

I find the words to speak my mind but they are not coherent with the troubled content. Simple words fail to describe, depict or revive. The jumbled words stay with no response and remain deviant to my cognitive commands.

Addiction to love, the feeling of. The drug similarities are crystal. I give up trying to sober up. Absorb rather than rehabilitate and cover my addiction, also known as attraction but this is a devotion of the soul to one being, tired of being alone and covered within depression. Engulfed with the burden of keeping in my expression and unconfessed confession.

How many times can I learn one lesson? How much do I have to fight until I’m beaten down? No more feeling, no more love. No more daydreams equals no hurt. No open doors no chance for heart ache, no more battles in my head.

I think I am better off. The me that dances in the sun and revels in thoughts of the one is better of gone. The me that rejoices in vulnerability, unknowingly moving with naivety tied to her tired heart had better move on.

This heart of mine that jumps at the sight of possible love, smiles at the realities that shine in the real world. My heart, forever in pieces that wishes and wonders how. When will it be delicately placed together again?

Broken. Unspoken words stay woven into the intricate pieces that will forever say separated and until that day, buried it will stay.

– @mitchieer


The sun always shines brightest in the morning

The sun always shines brightest in the morning

Joy comes at the end, this may be why when we are on our death beds the question gets asked, did you have a fulfil life ? Do you regret anything ?

For this reason, we begin to critically analyse our life and measure how well we’ve lived, it’s a reflection on our past. Socrates stated “an unexamined life is wasted” I believe this comes into play as we are on the verge of death.

Will you experience a level of joy on your death bed or will it be a feeling of utter regret and dryness in your mouth, forgetting the taste of your somewhat enjoyable memories.

I only pray mine will be the latter.

That quote strikes me a great deal, “Joy comes in the morning”. I wonder what misfortune King David found himself in, so that he stayed up all night restlessly waiting for the skies to give way to light and darkness to flee. I’m suspicious to imagine him reminding his scribe to take note of his statement “joy comes in the morning” after dealing with his problems so he may use it for future references. Maybe, I don’t know.

However, what I do seem to know to some extent, is that there is always some satisfaction at the end of something. I would like to say we will receive the same sort of feeling as we approach the finishing lap on the track of life and declare like St.Paul “I have fought the good fight”.

Fight the good fight, take everyday with a pinch of salt eventually you’ll have a well seasoned meal worth eating.  And lastly, don’t despair when nothing seems to be going your way, if you think all hope is lost be sure to remember “Joy comes in the morning”. After all, even those that are blind can feel the heat of the sun rays reassuring them of the fact that although they may not see the sun they sure can feel it’s radiance like everyone else. You too, soon enough will be able to bask in the radiance of the sun like everyone just don’t throw away your shades because there’s a season coming that all the light and glory of the sun will shine upon you allowing you to have the best of both worlds – feeling the Suns radiance and seeing the sun. Keep the shades don’t throw them away, the rain will pass and a rainbow will appear.


The Suicide Paradox

With recent news of the death of a beloved celebrity. I was moved to write on the subject. Suicide is something most people will deal with in their lifetime. It is not something to be mocked, rather it is wise and humane to show empathy. Hopefully, you take something away from this. Your comments are more than welcome, kindly leave them below. Thank you and stay Blessed.

Please note: Each Stanza is a different voice, they are all different perspectives. The voices intentionally have no names. It can be seen as one person looking at suicide from various angles. It can also be seen as friends, co-workers, strangers even, discussing or merely mentioning what stands out the most to them when it comes to the topic of suicide. Allow your imagination to guide you as you read!

The Suicide Paradox

The suicide paradox.

To live is Christ,

and to die is gain.

But to choose to die,

for any other reason aside from that,

is spiritual suicide and eternal damnation.

I have always had a problem,

with the idea that suicide

is ‘a selfish thing to do’.

Condemnation of an individual,

who felt condemned during life and now in death.

Lack of empathy.

If people would stop

and try to understand how

someone could feel so helpless,

in such a crowded world to the

point that they felt like suicide was their only option.

RIP Sam Sarpong, Robin Williams.

Countless names that will never be forgotten

People still nursing the fresh wounds of pain,

cutting deep in their hearts.

Recalling the first time that they were told

“your loved one is dead”.

Feeling burdened and hurt, thinking that they could have done more.

And maybe, just maybe they could have.

Asking how you are and meaning it.

Is life okay?

Are you okay?

How do you feel?

I think you should relax more.

Hey, do you mind keeping me company?

People have their reasons.

I will forever emphasise this.

There are types of pain that

medication won’t handle.

Situations where the tunnel is

too dark and the person’s mind

is too black to see any lights at the end.

Philosophers have had long

heated debates on the matter.

With no resolution.

It is argued that most if not

every man in his lifetime

has once considered suicide.

The easy, only, difficult, last resort way out.

Mental health care.

Psychologists struggling to nurse their own pains,

whilst desperately trying to help others.

Costs being cut,

not one of them taking into account

the effects on our society.

Overworked staff.

“Attention seeker” they shouted.

“RIP” on Facebook they said the next day.

It seems that

people would rather have regrets concerning the deceased,

than appreciate them whilst they are still living.

Are their names just another tattoo opportunity to you?

Another hashtag? //RIP

The suicide paradox continues

As long as there are unanswered questions

there will be countless stanzas

This piece will never end.

New paragraphs every day.

Different mindsets.

It can hit anyone hard at any time.

That burden on your neck where,

it feels like it is easier,

to take permanent

time off life.

Atlas’ stone.

Dying to die.

And to the ones that are no more.

To the ones that had enough.

My heart is with you.

With your family.

With you all.

I won’t judge you.

God loves you.

The painful truth is that yes

Suicide is not the final answer.

It shouldn’t be.

But for many that is the reality.

And it hurts.

They hurt.

We all hurt.

If you or someone you know is suffering from suicidal thoughts please seek professional help. 

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If I didn’t publish it today, I probably never would have. Having said that, please excuse any errors (especially grammatical ones, if any). Thank you.

Enjoy The Ride


The sun’s setting down
times passing by
soon we’ll have to leave
but i want to savour these remaining minutes.

See everyone seems to be in a rush to get to
a certain goal,
why don’t you just slow down and enjoy the ride.

There won’t be another day like this,
the feeling won’t be so familiar again
so why don’t you just slow down and enjoy the ride.

Enjoy looking at the changing colours of the skies,
enjoy having to travel in silence for just a while.
Not every satisfying moment needs to be spoken about.
take it all in, absorb it like a sponge and embed it deep within you.

Life hits you at a thousand miles an hour,
if all you’re doing is rushing and making plans
you’ll end up missing the little good things about life
leaving you with the realisation of how futile all that
running about was for.

See, seize the moment
Don’t worry about what you can’t
sort out or what you can’t understand
Life has a way of sorting itself out sometimes,
but for now enjoy the ride that life takes you on.

Smile, cry, and laugh whenever you get the opportunity
Let your life be like a glass of red wine that needs
continual refilling.

Enjoy the ride, its bitter sweet but worthwhile
slow down and be one with the tide of time and seasons.




Birds, flowers and the sun,
these are but the few signs of summer.
The joy of staying late into the night
to catch the stars and moon glisten
casting their light unto a sleepless world.

With loved ones by your side enjoying
the cool wind blowing by,
accompanied by the peaceful slow paced
breathing that is in sync with the tide coming in and out
towards you.

These are the moments you savour for
they leave imprinted footprints in your memory
of how serene life can be.


– prodigal daughter – 

but still He loves me anyways. 

It used to be you and me. 

Against the world we fought all the enemies and as I entrusted you will all my adversities you never failed to save me. 
I gave you all I had. I surrendered my plans and all that I had mapped out in my brain, every path that I myself had planned to take I offered it to you in exchange of your peace that told me things would change but for the better. 

I don’t know what happened. I don’t know when I began to change for the worst. Shaping my prayer around my own desires not yours. Developing a mindset that was selfish and needy, complaining about the inequality of the world and at the same time being greedy for your blessings.  

Useless things I wanted to obtain from you. Unknowingly I was telling you what to do and demanding things from you forgetting that you are all powerful which means that I am not worthy to be demanding anything from you for without your grace I would be nothing. 
I realise now you are my everything. With all my heart, I come to you with all reverence and asking your forgiveness. 

You are refuge, my resolve and my fortress. You protect and you fight for me and when I feel worthless you make me feel priceless – you tell me how much you love me and as I begin to live in this, I am whole again. 
Running into you, your open arms engulf me. Your radiant love holds me close and although it was lost for a moment, it’s not long until I’m falling deeper into you and your acceptance covers me as though I never ran.