The sun always shines brightest in the morning

The sun always shines brightest in the morning

Joy comes at the end, this may be why when we are on our death beds the question gets asked, did you have a fulfil life ? Do you regret anything ?

For this reason, we begin to critically analyse our life and measure how well we’ve lived, it’s a reflection on our past. Socrates stated “an unexamined life is wasted” I believe this comes into play as we are on the verge of death.

Will you experience a level of joy on your death bed or will it be a feeling of utter regret and dryness in your mouth, forgetting the taste of your somewhat enjoyable memories.

I only pray mine will be the latter.

That quote strikes me a great deal, “Joy comes in the morning”. I wonder what misfortune King David found himself in, so that he stayed up all night restlessly waiting for the skies to give way to light and darkness to flee. I’m suspicious to imagine him reminding his scribe to take note of his statement “joy comes in the morning” after dealing with his problems so he may use it for future references. Maybe, I don’t know.

However, what I do seem to know to some extent, is that there is always some satisfaction at the end of something. I would like to say we will receive the same sort of feeling as we approach the finishing lap on the track of life and declare like St.Paul “I have fought the good fight”.

Fight the good fight, take everyday with a pinch of salt eventually you’ll have a well seasoned meal worth eating.  And lastly, don’t despair when nothing seems to be going your way, if you think all hope is lost be sure to remember “Joy comes in the morning”. After all, even those that are blind can feel the heat of the sun rays reassuring them of the fact that although they may not see the sun they sure can feel it’s radiance like everyone else. You too, soon enough will be able to bask in the radiance of the sun like everyone just don’t throw away your shades because there’s a season coming that all the light and glory of the sun will shine upon you allowing you to have the best of both worlds – feeling the Suns radiance and seeing the sun. Keep the shades don’t throw them away, the rain will pass and a rainbow will appear.



Thoughts and words


Well, where do I actually begin ? I could try and tell you why I asked to see you but really I’m kinda scared of the answer I’d get. But regardless of this i need to know…

There’re so many blended feelings in this heart, which is known for being strong 
but instead is fragile and aches so badly.
Only if there was a way for you to know, for you to enter my subconscious thoughts, to uncover my deepest fears
For if I try and tell you by word of mouth
I would not do justice to my feelings towards you.

Tell me, has anyone ever gazed upon you and told you all the wonderful things about you ? Or of how flawless you are when you walk and talk ?

To just hear the sound of your breathing, sounds like music composed by Beethoven himself.

Your beauty radiates in a way that even the sun cannot be your equal, in darkness or gloom your smile is enough to comfort those hurt or troubled by the cares of life.

Why was I such a fool to not approach you when I had a chance ? Maybe the wheel of fortune might have been more kind to me than previous others that had come seeking for your care and compassion

The heart pain of having to give you up, to see you go in a direction completely opposite
makes the very foundation of my soul shake,
It yearns to know whether or not our paths will cross again,
Whatever the future holds I will be forever tormented by the sight of you walking away from a journey we could have shared together.

I could go on and pour my emotions to you and show my very heart and how it bleeds for you alone to heal it,
what good will it be if you do not have the same desire for me ?
So I just resort to ending our last
conversation with a simple
“Wish you all the best” and stand to hug you but I restrain as I know this would drain life from my spirit.

To fall in love awakens the hidden passions of life and makes us sink into a great phase of depression until we learn how to deal with it.


The rising sun

For you it signifies the start of a new day
The end of yesterday’s tossing and turning in bed,
an end of the unexpected fears you had of the future.
A day where you praise God, acknowledging that it’s only by His grace another opportunity has been bestowed upon you.
The sun rises ascending into the heavens,
choosing for itself the best location whereby it can shine forth its radiance,
grace the plants with photosynthesis
and humans with a darker shade of colour.
It is mysterious, it goes from one place to another.
How for several hours it’s in the UK and the next its in the Pacific.
Tell me the wonders of the suns traveling,
Tell me how does it continue to burn without losing its flames – for it endlessly restores hope to mankind when it awakes from behind the skyscrapers and towering flat blocks, announcing the beginning of a different occasion to chase dreams, do good, and everything else one hopes for.
Sun rise, its a scene of absolute tranquility.
Let us enjoy watching it beam and feeling its rays on our skin, for one day it too will fade into the shadows of times gone by and we will understand nothing is eternal.