The Suicide Paradox

With recent news of the death of a beloved celebrity. I was moved to write on the subject. Suicide is something most people will deal with in their lifetime. It is not something to be mocked, rather it is wise and humane to show empathy. Hopefully, you take something away from this. Your comments are more than welcome, kindly leave them below. Thank you and stay Blessed.

Please note: Each Stanza is a different voice, they are all different perspectives. The voices intentionally have no names. It can be seen as one person looking at suicide from various angles. It can also be seen as friends, co-workers, strangers even, discussing or merely mentioning what stands out the most to them when it comes to the topic of suicide. Allow your imagination to guide you as you read!

The Suicide Paradox

The suicide paradox.

To live is Christ,

and to die is gain.

But to choose to die,

for any other reason aside from that,

is spiritual suicide and eternal damnation.

I have always had a problem,

with the idea that suicide

is ‘a selfish thing to do’.

Condemnation of an individual,

who felt condemned during life and now in death.

Lack of empathy.

If people would stop

and try to understand how

someone could feel so helpless,

in such a crowded world to the

point that they felt like suicide was their only option.

RIP Sam Sarpong, Robin Williams.

Countless names that will never be forgotten

People still nursing the fresh wounds of pain,

cutting deep in their hearts.

Recalling the first time that they were told

“your loved one is dead”.

Feeling burdened and hurt, thinking that they could have done more.

And maybe, just maybe they could have.

Asking how you are and meaning it.

Is life okay?

Are you okay?

How do you feel?

I think you should relax more.

Hey, do you mind keeping me company?

People have their reasons.

I will forever emphasise this.

There are types of pain that

medication won’t handle.

Situations where the tunnel is

too dark and the person’s mind

is too black to see any lights at the end.

Philosophers have had long

heated debates on the matter.

With no resolution.

It is argued that most if not

every man in his lifetime

has once considered suicide.

The easy, only, difficult, last resort way out.

Mental health care.

Psychologists struggling to nurse their own pains,

whilst desperately trying to help others.

Costs being cut,

not one of them taking into account

the effects on our society.

Overworked staff.

“Attention seeker” they shouted.

“RIP” on Facebook they said the next day.

It seems that

people would rather have regrets concerning the deceased,

than appreciate them whilst they are still living.

Are their names just another tattoo opportunity to you?

Another hashtag? //RIP

The suicide paradox continues

As long as there are unanswered questions

there will be countless stanzas

This piece will never end.

New paragraphs every day.

Different mindsets.

It can hit anyone hard at any time.

That burden on your neck where,

it feels like it is easier,

to take permanent

time off life.

Atlas’ stone.

Dying to die.

And to the ones that are no more.

To the ones that had enough.

My heart is with you.

With your family.

With you all.

I won’t judge you.

God loves you.

The painful truth is that yes

Suicide is not the final answer.

It shouldn’t be.

But for many that is the reality.

And it hurts.

They hurt.

We all hurt.

If you or someone you know is suffering from suicidal thoughts please seek professional help. 

Also be sure to check out these significant pieces of work from these 3 wonderful individuals.

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If I didn’t publish it today, I probably never would have. Having said that, please excuse any errors (especially grammatical ones, if any). Thank you.

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